Our Story


What do you do when you know the product you want, it just desn't exist …yet?  In 1998, our founder, Amy Merwin, faced this dilemma!

Let's see… you are a single mom with 3 kids, and one of them is a model in New York City.  According to her agency, to compete, she needs to have microdermabrasion.  Hmmm, this is a girl with flawless skin, and you would just love to do something about your own aging skin and wrinkles! But, the agency insists she can't compete in the top market in the world without microdermabrasion. They said, nothing can equal the clarity and translucence that microdermabrasion gives to the skin…

You are a retired RN, and have been in health and beauty for over 20 years.  Your budget is, well, you don't even have one; you are a single mom with 3 kids!  There really isn't anything available in the market yet, just a couple of products with ingredients that you don't want anywhere near your children, or you!  So, you go to work.  You are having age related skin issues, and the other 2 kids have adolescent acne.  Dad is a MD, and Grandpa is a Dermatologist.  The kids are on all of the latest and greatest regimens.  They go away to band camp.  They return and much to their horror, mom's skin issues are no longer an issue!  Now, they can't get their hands on this new goo fast enough! Grandpa the Dermatologist is amazed, and all the friends want some….

Meanwhile, the model with the flawless skin, glows. The agents want product, they share it with their models, actors, make-up artists and friends, and on it went! The model becomes a Meteorologist, now the TV broadcasters can't do without it… High definition cameras show every flaw…when you make your living, in front of a camera, you have to look your best!

From folks with ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX news, to actors and famous Italian make-up artist Gennaro Marchese, who has used NaturDerm products on the famous Italian actress Anna Safroncik, and raved about the exceptional quality of NaturDerm products in an unsolicited article in the March 28, 2013, issue of FAMA, an Italian magazine – to models with Ford, Elite, Wilhelmina, MD's, ND's, estheticians and people just like you…

This is the story of EpidermxII™ a product that has changed lives around the world for over a decade! 


Disclosure:  No products or services were provided, nor was any solicitation made for the article in the March 28, 2013 issue of FAMA, an Italian people magazine.