NaturDerm™ Promise

We believe in building relationships, and putting a smile on the faces of others, as often as possible!  We believe in effective affordable multipurpose high-tech products that are as natural as possible, that simplify use, and do what they say they'll do…

What does hydrophilic balanced mean?
Simply put, it enhances optimal product performance and stability.  Hydrophilic compounds, like humectants, attract water.  All NaturDerm™ products are pH balanced to the natural pH of the skin, no toner to adjust the pH is needed.  

Why do we say no to silicones?
Silicones are plastic-based polymers used as emollients and thickeners.  There are hundreds.  Silicone-bases are made from plastic.  Sometimes required and necessary, for example, they are used for their water resistant properties in sunscreen.  Skin cancer is a serious real risk, and we all need the most effective protection possible, but there are other options for daily use.  Silicones are also used in hair products, cosmetics, caulk, auto lubricants, adhesives, sealants, silly putty and resins.

Our skin is a living organ.  Some of the functions of the skin include: protection, sensation, fluid regulation, and the elimination of gases, wastes and toxins. Most skin care products, and in particular, anti-aging products contain silicone-bases.  When used in skin care products, after application, the skin appears smooth, as the plastic-based polymers fill in the gaps of skin imperfections. We await research, on the affect of silicone-bases, on skin health.

We seek to bring our customers the purest high-tech anti-aging skin care available. Often natural-based products lack the scientific advancements, and products that are high-tech lack the benefits of natural compounds.  NaturDerm™ seeks to blend both worlds.  Think of it as nature with a boost!™

How Green is Your Glow?™

Complex high-tech ingredients used in the anti-aging products of today, present formulation challenges to cosmetic chemists. These sensitive sophisticated compounds, if blended at the improper moment, or combination, can negate each other. NaturDerm™ products are produced in a cGMP certified, FDA approved manufacturing facility, with full Research and Development, and Quality Control departments that follow the strict quality specifications of the US-FDA and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) policies.

NaturDerm™ products are prepared with proprietary methods to prevent product knock-offs, as the method of production affects the formulation.  Before any NaturDerm™ product is produced, every raw ingredient is quarantined, and undergoes independent gas chromatograph verification of the MSDS sheet, and independent 3 day microbiological testing. Each product batch is quarantined, undergoes independent 3 day microbiological testing, and a Certificate of Analysis is recorded on each product. Samples of every product batch are maintained for seven years. Independent testing insures our manufacturer's results are accurate. Small controlled batches are filled in sterilized containers with tamper proof seals, including tester products, to insure the purest products possible for our customers. Only, after all of these rigorous tests, certifications, sterilizations and tamper-proof protections have been issued, are NaturDerm™ products released for sale to our customers world-wide.


The pure all natural organic NaturDerm™ product promise™

No Fillers – Ever

  • no Silicones
  • no Parabens
  • no Petroleum-based ingredients
  • no Mineral oil
  • no SLS or ALS
  • no Propylene, Butyl or Ethyl Glycol
  • no Formaldehyde releasors
  • no Excess preservatives
  • no Fillers
  • no Myristates
  • no Phthalates
  • no Paraffin
  • no Synthetic Waxes
  • no Artificial color
  • no Artificial fragrance
  • no Animal testing or by-products
  • no GMO